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Murrieta is a city in southern California. Located on the western side of Riverside County, the city claims the motto, “The Future Of Southern California.” Mainly considered a commuter town, with its 100,000+ residents either commuting north to Los Angeles or South to San Diego, Murrieta saw a boom in population between 2000 and 2010 with an increase of 234%. One potential reason people are flocking to this area is that in 2009, Murrieta was listed as the second safest city in America.

The average price of a home in Murrieta is $359,000 according to Home prices have increased accordingly with the increase in population. Over the past year, home prices in Murrieta have increased 18.8% and they are expected to rise another 14.2% in the coming year. With a median list price of $155 per square foot, Murrieta home are more affordable than the Riverside Metro average price of $165 per square foot. Somewhat counter intuitively though, the median rent price in Murrieta is $1,750 a month, which is higher than the Riverside Metro median of $1,550.

Perhaps another reason Murrieta saw a population boom between 2000 and 2010 was that home prices were continually going down until they bottomed out in 2010. That year, the average home in Murrieta was going for $236,000. That was a drastic fall from its peak in July 2006 of $486,000. Still more than $100,000 less than home prices in their heyday, the current average of $359,000 is certainly a promising sign of market growth. If home prices in the area continue to rise at the same rate, Murrieta should get back to that peak home value amount sometime in 2016 or 2017.

Home renovation is also a booming business in the area. According to, renovation costs were higher across the board relative to US averages in 2014 in Riverside County. This higher cost of home renovation is due to labor and material prices also being higher than their national averages. Average labor and installation costs were 17% higher than the US average while retail material prices were around 103% of nationwide averages. You can be sure that general contractors in the area are pleased with the way business is going. Many people are looking for murrieta framing contractors

If you are looking to make home renovations and are searching for a murrieta siding installation, Mike Land Construction is a great choice. According to their website, “Mike Land Construction is a locally owned and operated General Contracting Company that specializes in all aspects of Carpentry. We offer construction services to the entire Temecula Valley and its surrounding cities. Mike Land Construction was established in 2006 by a Second Generation General Contractor/Carpenter named Mike Land Jr. who has resided and worked in the Valley since 1990. A true tradesman that was taught his craft by a dynamic group of skilled contractors of the past and is combining those skills with the high paced technology of today. In order to continue to provide the quality of craftsmanship, service and family values of a long lineage to the people of the Temecula Valley. Mike Land Construction prides themselves in providing construction services in a professional atmosphere, with a home town feel, at an affordable price, all without sacrificing quality.” A more detailed list of the services they provide along with a contact phone number can be found on their website.

Bars Vs Coins

Pamp Suisse Gold Bars vs. Gold Bullion Coins 

Gold is one of the most valuable and diverse metals available today. You can find it everywhere; from religion to fashion and in the medical and electronics industry. Since ancient times, gold has always been one of the most sought after investments due to its diversity and increasing value over time.

Every day more people are realizing that gold investments provide ample assurance for the future. Investment analysts and economists are calling it a safe and stable investment with high rewards. As a result many new investors are gravitating towards the gold market. However, new investors who are dipping their toes into the gold market for the first time usually face difficulties in deciding which type of gold to purchase. In most cases it boils down to Pamp Suisse Gold Bars and Gold Bullion Coins. An investment in both Pamp Suisse Gold Bars and Gold Bullion Coins can be beneficial however every investor will prefer to take the route that offers more rewards.  Let us take a deeper look to determine which the best choice is for first time investors.

While Gold Bullion Coins can be acquired easily and are easy to store they are sold with a significantly higher premium than Pamp Suisse Gold Bars. As a result new investors usually benefit more from investing in Pamp Suisse Gold Bars since it offers more flexibility and assurance. Below you can find a list of reason why most new investors prefer to purchase Pamp Suisse Gold Bars or you can visit us at

Beautifully Designed
- Pamp Suisse Gold Bars are eloquently designed to appeal to investors. Although some investors may not see this as an apt reason to invest in Pamp Suisse Gold Bars, others may differ. To some investors the symbol of ‘Lady Fortuna’ on the gold bars represents a future of good fortune and prosperity. Reasons to Invest In Pamp Suisse

Engraved Serial Numbers –Each Pamp Suisse Gold Bar has a distinct serial number engraved on it and is accompanied with an assay certificate to guarantee its weight and purity.

Larger Size – In comparison to Gold Bullion Coins, Pamp Suisse Gold Bars are larger in size and thus offer more investment advantages to investors.

Lower Premium - Pamp Suisse Gold Bars carry lower premium that their coin counterparts.

Highly Liquid – Pamp Suisse Gold Bars are recognized as a standard trading medium worldwide and are therefore extremely liquid which makes it easy for you to buy and sell.

If you are looking to invest in gold, you should look into What is Gold IRA.

All in all, as a new investor you cannot afford to take any risk with your investment. Pamp Suisse offers you a secure investment that will set a great foundation for you to build on.